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Archive for August 2014

The Truth About Cruise Control

Many of us want to know the truth about cruise control: “Should I use it or not?”, “does it get me better gas mileage?”, “when should I not use it?”, “Are the rumors true?”. We want to answer all of these questions for you without you having to take our word for it! We took…

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Meet Our Customer Relations Department

At Golden Circle Auto Group, did you know that we have a Customer Relations Department? We built this awesome team solely for our customers! Our team consists of five employees willing and ready to answer any questions you may have before, during, and even after the buying process. Meet Our Customer Relations Department: Wilma Pickard (731) 554-7251 Amy…

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Our Outstanding Employees: Meet Rob Ervin

We want our customers to get to know each of our OUTSTANDING employees a little better! Over the past few days, a short survey was handed out to the employees of Golden Circle Auto Group. The survey became more than just a survey- it became a way of stating how our employees felt about fellow…

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