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Archive for December 2014

Get to Know Our Quick Lane

Get to know our Quick Lane, which is located right across the street from our Ford store. Quick Lane means simply what it says: QUICK! Get in and out quickly and leave feeling satisfied. We are very confident in our friendly and professional staff, which makes the hassle of getting your car checked a little bit easier.…

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Why Should You Buy a Demo?

Many of you may have never heard of a “demo car” or have heard of it, just aren’t quite sure what they are, much less if it even matters to know. Well it matters, especially if you’re someone looking for a new vehicle at a SUPER discounted price. We’ve gathered up info from our team and…

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Top 5 Myths About Buying a New Car

Since 1972 we’ve had the pleasure of being able to do business the right way. Nevertheless, times have drastically changed since then (mostly from the internet). Yes, my boss admitted to me that he thought the internet was just going to be a “fab” and it would end in time just like everything else. I…

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