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Archive for February 2017

5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Test Drive

Are you confused about picking out a new car and are scared of a Test Drive.  There are so many decisions to be made.  You need to decide what size vehicle you want, the features you want on the vehicle that are must haves.  How it feels when you drive it is a major factor…

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Are You Connected With Ford Pass?

  Have you installed the Ford Pass app on your smart phone?  Ford Pass is transforming the customer experience by making your lives easier.  This app is a new platform that will change the way you move.  It will put you in control of your journey where you can experience the world more freely than…

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Ford Truck Month Is Underway

Ford truck month is underway with 40 years of serving you with awesome Ford trucks.  Since 1977, Ford has been the top runner by producing the best of the best with their F-Series trucks. At Golden Circle Auto Group we are  celebrating by offering great incentives from February 15 thru March 31, 2017.

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Winter Driving Tips Part 2

When winter comes around it can present a bunch of challenges to you and your vehicle.  Cold weather is hard on your car’s mechanical abilities.  Your driving skills can also be tested when that snow or ices comes around. Preparation does pay off.

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