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Archive for April 2017

When To Change Your Vehicle Brakes and Pads

Changing your Vehicles Brakes and Pads periodically to get the best performance out of your brakes.  Brake maintenance and upkeep is a key component to keep your vehicle as healthy as possible.  If you don’t know when to change your brakes and pads, check out this list below of best practices for brake maintenance and…

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Should You Buy Or Lease Your Ford Vehicle?

Are you confused about whether you should buy or lease your Ford Vehicle?  Buying a new car is an exciting experience, but choosing whether to finance or lease  can be frustrating.  Lots of new car buyers don’t really know the difference between the two options.  At Golden Circle Auto Group we want to make your…

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Which is the best, Synthetic Oil or Conventional Oil?

Having an oil change is very important but just as important is knowing which type of oil to use. There are generally two different kinds of engine oil to choose from. One is conventional oil while the other is known as synthetic oil. Both basically do the same job but each do offer their own…

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