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Archive for May 2017

What Are The Advantages Buying New vs Used Vehicles?

The car buying process is a nightmare for most.  Trying to decide on whether to buy a new vehicle vs used vehicle can get confusing.  Lots of questions come up in the car buying process.  Should you buy new or used is a simple one.  Below I discuss some advantages of both.   Advantages of…

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Tips To Keep Your Car Sparkling Clean

If you are like me you want to drive around in a sparkling clean car.  Sometimes it is hard to keep your car that way especially with all the rainy weather we have been having lately.  You don’t have to be an expert at detailing to keep your car clean.  Below I will discuss a…

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Requirements To Finance A Car

Vehicle loans are a billion dollar industry.  There are lots of different lending institutions where car buyers can obtain loans.  Such as banks, credit unions, auto manufacturer financing and a plethora of others lending institutions.  The criteria to finance a car are similiar for all financial institutions such as, income and credit history.

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How To Avoid Summer Driving Risks

We hear plenty of danger of winter driving, but we ignore, and take for granted some of the hazards that come along with summer driving.   More people head out on the highway in the summer than just about any other time of the year. With all the extra traffic the roadways during the summer, there…

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