Staying cool in the summer can be a real chore.  Summer has come in with a vengeance this year and you don’t want to suffer any heat-related illness.  The heat can make you feel uncomfortable and can put a damper on your summer fun if you don’t take precautions.  The best defense against any heat-related illness is prevention.  Here are some tips to help you survive the summer heat and still have some fun doing it..

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Air Conditioner

Fans cannot provide the proper cooling that you need in high humidity.  It just blows hot air around.  Air conditioners can be lifesavers and provide proper cooling.    Remember to properly maintain your cooling system to keep them performing at top cooling power.  If you do not have air conditioning consider going to a public place.

If you can’t get to a public place you can reduce the temp of your home by keeping your curtains closed during the day which will help reduce the heat from coming through your windows.  Keep your light outs as much as possible because they do give off heat.  Also wait until the coolest part of the day to turn on your dishwasher or do your laundry.  The appliances do generate heat.

Protect Your Skin

Make sure you protect your skin with sunscreen if you are going to be out in the weather.  You may also consider wearing loose-fitting, light-colored clothing which helps air circulate on your body.  Cotton clothing is recommended for summer weather.  Keep in mind your head, eyes and skin by reapplying sunscreen often.

Schedule Activities Carefully

If you have to be outside try to stay out of the sun when it is at the highest points during the day.  This happens around 10am and 4pm.  The morning or late evening is the best time for outdoor activities, especially for kids.

If possible schedule your activities inside, such as public libraries, museums and other public buildings.  A great place would be a local indoor ice-skating rink or maybe a movie theater.

Drink Plenty of Water

Staying hydrated is essential to help your body regulate your true temperature.  Drink plenty of water especially if you are participating in outdoor activities.  Caffeinated drinks could increase dehydration so you should stay away from them.  Another thing to avoid is alcoholic beverages as they tend to impair your judgement which could impair your balance leading to possible accidents and injuries.

Go Swimming

Sometimes the only way to cool off is to get wet.  Go to your neighborhood pool at the park if you don’t have one in your back yard.  You can always turn on your sprinklers and play with the kiddos.  A cool shower or bath is another good way to cool down.  Swimming is fun and can help protect you from dangerous heat.

Don’t forget about your 4 legged friends.  They have trouble in the heat also.  Make sure they have plenty of water and a cool place to be.

Hope these tips help.  Don’t let the heat beat you.