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8 Ways QR Codes Benefit Our Customers

QR CODEWe’re always looking for ways to better our customers’ experience while they are looking to buy or ready to buy a vehicle. One way we’ve done so, is by having a QR code on every vehicle on each of our five lots.

Why do QR Codes Benefit Our Customers?

  • It’s a fast, effective, and transparent way of communicating
  • With a QR code, you have all the information right in front of you without even having to speak to a sales representative
  • You can schedule a test drive
  • You can calculate financing payments
  • You can locate similar vehicles on the lot
  • It works on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, iPod and iPad
  • If you’re not ready to buy it right now – you can review all of the information again anywhere at anytime
  • You can browse our website, look at discounts, promotions, phone numbers, images and so on

Our favorite thing about having QR Codes on our vehicles, is that our customers can shop our lots even when we’re closed! Sunday Funday car shopping? Even though we’re closed on Sundays, you’re able to come look at all of our vehicles in person and get the information you want right then and there with the QR Codes.


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