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A Look Inside Our Finance Office

FAQ (frequently asked questions) icons set flat designThere are many questions when it comes to financing a vehicle. I decided to get things straight and ask Ray, one of our awesome finance managers, what the most frequently asked questions were within his office. Ray was able to come up with 5 FAQ’s and even answer them for me! So here’s a look inside our finance office:

1. Is there a pre-payment on the loan I have?

“In most cases, there is no early termination fee on your purchase. If there is, it will be plainly stated in writing on your contract. I will also explain the option in it’s entirety.”

2. If I go a shorter term, will the interest rate be less?

“Most lenders have the same interest rate from 12 to 60 months, 72 to 75 and 76 to 84 months.”

3. How is my interest rate determined?

“All banks now use a risk-based scoring system to determine the rate based on your credit score and ability to pay the loan.”

4. What type of coverage is remaining on my current vehicle?

“All factory coverages are stated on a car fax or auto Auto Check. In the finance department, there are several options to protect your investment and can be tailor made to your driving habits.”

5. I am financing a vehicle. Can I have my spouse on the title and not on the contract?

“No, you cannot, but we will go over EVERYTHING together and any other questions my customers may have for me.”

Thank you to Ray for sharing the FAQ’s about financing a vehicle! Our team is always here for questions  even if you are not ready to purchase just yet.

On our website, you can also take a look inside our finance office by clicking on our “Finance” tab. There, you can:

  • Check out our Finance Department
  • Fill out a Finance Application
  • See what the Value Your Trade is
  • Get a Quick Quote
  • Use our Payment Calculator
  • Learn the different in Buying vs. Leasing