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Should You Buy Or Lease Your Ford Vehicle?

Are you confused about whether you should buy or lease your Ford Vehicle?  Buying a new car is an exciting experience, but choosing whether to finance or lease  can be frustrating.  Lots of new car buyers don’t really know the difference between the two options.  At Golden Circle Auto Group we want to make your choice as easy as possible.  Check out this video below from Ford explaining the differences between leasing or buying your Ford vehicle.

If you are just a leisure driver, just driving around town, or maybe take occasional trips out of town, leasing may be perfect for you.  You can easily stay under your mileage limit and your payment may even be lower.  However, if you travel alot and put lots of miles on a vehicle, financing your Ford is probably the best option for you.

Golden Circle Auto Group is the perfect place to get a great deal on whatever you are looking for.  If you want additional information on leasing vs buying just give us a call at 731-664-0873.  We have product specialists that are ready to help you.