I was driving to work this morning and I heard this on the radio and wanted to share.  Didn’t really think about the color of my vehicle expresses how I want the world to think about me or that the personality of the vehicle is as important as the personality of the buyer.

I learned that the color is known to influence our moods.  Black and white colors are more popular on a luxury sedan.  Red and colorful shades are associated with a small and sporty vehicle.

If your thinking about buying a new car, this is what the color experts say about the color of your vehicle and your personality.


You present yourself as a fresh, young modern face to the outside world if you are driving a white vehicle.  A white vehicle also suggests you have taste, elegance and also is associated with honesty and purity.  You strive for perfection and have taste and elegance.


Black has been reported the most popular color for luxury vehicles. Black is also known as a  sophisticate’s color, as well as, the ultimate power color.  Black is sophisticated, powerful and makes a statement.  If your car is black, you are dignified and striking without being showy.  You give the appearance of mystery, yet you are timeless, important and always in control.


If you have a zest for life Red is usually the color you choose.  You are outgoing, aggressive, fun and impulsive.  If you car is Red you are most likely ambitious and determined to get all you can out of life.  If someone points out one of your shortcomings you are shocked because you tend to be restless and extroverted.  You are confident with yourself, a go-getter and the life of the party.


The gray car driver don’t want to stand out.  The status quo is more important to you than the status.  Gray is the color of caution and compromise.  You want your life to be on a more even keel than big ups and downs.


You are practical, innovative, business savvy and have very good taste.  Your lifestyle is a busy one and you enjoy your job and have a tendency to work too hard.  Silver indicates sophistication and the color looks sleek, just like you.  The color indicates you are high class person with an eye on the upscale.  Your not afraid to show that your status is higher in the world.


Blue cars don’t mean you have a case of the blues.  You are compassionate, optimistic, stable, honest and serene.  If you own a blue car, you like to be admired for strong sense of self and wisdom.  Blue also projects a nice, stable family appearance.


You are very strong sense of yourself and don’t care what others think.  If you own a green car, you don’t feel it is necessary to keep up with trends and march to the beat of your own drums.  You’re gentle and patient, and your peace-loving nature tempts others to take advantage of you sometimes.


Brown or beige means you are down-to-earth, thrifty, and honest.  Sometimes you do tend to put your foot in your mouth.  Flashy is not your style.  A car that runs well and lasts a long time is important to you and will keep a car till it dies.


Gold and yellow projects the color of joy and happiness.  If the color of your car is gold or yellow you tend to live by the saying “Don’t worry, be happy.”  You have a great mind for business and are very imaginative, with a great sense of humor.  Bright colors are not a risk to you because you might be young or young at heart.


If you are driving an orange car it means you are comfortable with value and saving money.  You are saying I saved a lot of money with this head-turner, so therefore, you do a good job at managing your money.  You are not afraid to go against the tide when it comes to things that you like.  You don’t care that orange is the least popular car color in the US.

What color is your car?  Did you match the personality with your car?  Comment below and let me know what your car color is and if it fits your personality.




  1. Wilma Pickard on March 13, 2017 at 4:21 pm

    My car is black and my personality is similiar to what is referenced in this blog.

    • Wilma Pickard on May 8, 2017 at 4:19 pm

      Isn’t this the weirdest thing… Mine is black also and my personality fits along with it.