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Customer Experience/Reviews

Are You Connected With Ford Pass?

  Have you installed the Ford Pass app on your smart phone?  Ford Pass is transforming the customer experience by making your lives easier.  This app is a new platform that will change the way you move.  It will put you in control of your journey where you can experience the world more freely than…

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Take The Challenge: With Prices That Will Blow You Away

Before you buy your next new vehicle, we DARE you to spring in to Golden Circle Auto Group and take Ford’s EcoBoost Challenge. It’s free, you get to test out the competition and have a peace-of-mind of exactly what you want or don’t want– It’s a win-win! What is the EcoBoost Challenge? Ford’s Ecoboost Challenge…

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Our Customers Go Above and Beyond with Their Loyalty

Nothing’s better than getting a letter like this from one of our loyal customers! This letter was given to our Service manager, Jeff Collins, and we wanted to share: I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about your service department. I have been a loyal customer of GCF Jackson since…

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Our Customer Appreciates Golden Circle: "I LOVE MY CAR!"

We just recently received an awesome letter from one of our thankful customers, Mrs Gloria Berard. This was a very kind, personal and appreciative letter, so we felt obligated to share! “I LOVE MY CAR! When I started car shopping, I’d never heard of a fusion. I haven’t driven anything made in this decade, so…

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