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Customer Service

What's So Great About The New 2015 F-150?

We’ve all heard it’s hit the car lots, but what’s so great about the new 2015 F-150? Since they’ve been rolling in, I’ve never wanted an F-150 more than now (and I’ve grown up in car/Ford business). Not only is the towing capacity and two sun roofs doing it for me…. well let me just give you my…

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8 Ways QR Codes Benefit Our Customers

We’re always looking for ways to better our customers’ experience while they are looking to buy or ready to buy a vehicle. One way we’ve done so, is by having a QR code on every vehicle on each of our five lots. Why do QR Codes Benefit Our Customers? It’s a fast, effective, and transparent…

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A Look Inside Our Finance Office

There are many questions when it comes to financing a vehicle. I decided to get things straight and ask Ray, one of our awesome finance managers, what the most frequently asked questions were within his office. Ray was able to come up with 5 FAQ’s and even answer them for me! So here’s a look inside…

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11 Days of Black Friday

We’re making your Holiday Shopping a little easier and Black Friday a little longer! The Dream Big “Black Friday” Sales Event will kick off November 19th and will run through December 1st. Yes, 11 days of Black Friday! Whether you’re looking to purchase or just needing to get your vehicle serviced and prepared for holidays,…

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3 Easy Steps Before You Trade

Are you ready to trade your vehicle? Then we’re ready to make a deal—But wait—we know that before you jump right in to trading your vehicle, you are going to want to do plenty of research on specifics such as: How much the vehicle might be worth Whether or not the mileage will be an…

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