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How To Avoid Summer Driving Risks

We hear plenty of danger of winter driving, but we ignore, and take for granted some of the hazards that come along with summer driving.   More people head out on the highway in the summer than just about any other time of the year. With all the extra traffic the roadways during the summer, there…

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When To Change Your Vehicle Brakes and Pads

Changing your Vehicles Brakes and Pads periodically to get the best performance out of your brakes.  Brake maintenance and upkeep is a key component to keep your vehicle as healthy as possible.  If you don’t know when to change your brakes and pads, check out this list below of best practices for brake maintenance and…

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What Your Car Color Says About You

I was driving to work this morning and I heard this on the radio and wanted to share.  Didn’t really think about the color of my vehicle expresses how I want the world to think about me or that the personality of the vehicle is as important as the personality of the buyer. I learned…

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