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Are You Connected With Lincoln Way App?

The Lincoln Way App puts a dashboard of services and features at your fingertips on your smart phone.  The app can save you lots of time and enhances your ownership experience.  Look at the app as you online personal assistant.  It is available for apple and android users.

The Lincoln App provides the following services:


Sometimes you just need a helping hand.  You can connect with Lincoln’s Concierge team.  You will speak with a real person and get your answers immediately.  You have the capability to chat through the app and speak with a live agent for questions concerning your Lincoln.  Need road side assistance or your account.  No problem.  The live agent can assist you immediately.

Lincoln Pickup & Delivery

With the Lincoln Pickup and Delivery service you can get service from your dealership to your doorstep.  You can simply schedule a service pick up right from your app.  The best part is, by being a Lincoln owner you will receive a loaner vehicle to drive while your vehicle is being take care of.  When we are finished we will deliver it back to you.  Complimentary car wash is included also.


Need a parking spot.  You can spend less time circling around a parking lot or garage by reserving parking space and pay for parking with the touch of a button.

Start Your Car

This is an amazing service.  Unlock and lock on demand.  Schedule your vehicle starts in the morning and at the end of the day or anytime in between.

Pay Instantly

Paying for your parking is a breeze with the Lincoln App.  Instantly pay for parking by storing your credit or debit cards securely in the Lincoln Pay.

All these services is one of the perks of being a Lincoln owner.   Experience the Lincoln Way!