Changing your Vehicles Brakes and Pads periodically to get the best performance out of your brakes.  Brake maintenance and upkeep is a key component to keep your vehicle as healthy as possible.  If you don’t know when to change your brakes and pads, check out this list below of best practices for brake maintenance and factors to determine when you should get your brake pads and brakes replaced.

Driving Habits

Do you ride your brakes and stop quickly?  If you do you normally will have to replace your brakes more often.  People that come to a coast before they stop causes less wear and tear on brakes.


Your driving environment also can affect when you need to change your brakes and pads.  Driving in the city can be hard on your brakes because of the stop and go traffic, having to stop at red lights.  Areas that really wear and tear on your breaks is mountainous areas.


They kind of brakes that you put on your car can how long your brakes and pads will last.  The materials that make up your brake pads and rotors also factor in the brakes’ durability.  There are some expensive carbon-ceramic brakes that last a lot longer then the standard metal brakes.  This type of brakes are found mostly on high performance sports cars.  The more common and adequate brakes to use are the steel or metal.  They are adequate to suit lots of different driving conditions.

Brake Pad Hardness

There are two different types of brake pad hardness.  There is the hard compound brake pads and the soft compound brake pads.   Hard compound brake pads are usually found more on performance cars and need to be warm before they perform.  Soft compound brake pads tend to perform better at low speeds.  Too much heat on this type of brake can cause some damage.

Your brakes are usually needing replacing after about 50,000 miles.  Some may need to be placed sooner, depending on your driving conditions.  Some make it to 70,000 miles.  Check your owner’s manual for your vehicle’s specific needs.    Have your mechanic take a look at  your brake pads to check the thickness.  Inspect this regularly.

Good functional brakes are key to safe driving.  Happy Motoring!!  If you have questions about your brakes and pads click here!



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