When winter comes around it can present a bunch of challenges to you and your vehicle.  Cold weather is hard on your car’s mechanical abilities.  Your driving skills can also be tested when that snow or ices comes around.

Preparation does pay off.

Here is Part 2 of a 3 part serious on how to get ready for that dreaded snow and sleet covered roads.

Tip #1.  Keep Your Gas Tank Full

Make sure you have plenty of gas.  You don’t want to be stranded in the elements when your engine is your only source of heat.  Idle your engine to stay warm as long as you have gas.  The engine will be ok.  There will be no harm to it.


Tip #2.  Keep Windshield Washer Reservoir Full

It takes a lot of windshield wiper fluid on a snowy or rainy day to try and keep your windshield clear.  Make sure you use the good stuff.  Some of the wiper fluids freeze around 0 degrees…  You can add concentrate to it if you live in extreme cold areas.

Tip #3.  Put Weight In The Back Of Your Car

If you don’t have a 4-wheel drive vehicle or a rear-wheel-drive that can help in the snow, you can put extra weight in the back of your car, such as sand bags or maybe sacks of feed, dumb bells, anything to weigh down the back of your car.

Be careful and don’t put too much weight in the back of your car.  It will lift up the front end and you will lose steering and braking abilities.

Next week there will be more tips on winter driving.